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TURBO 3000 - Siirrettävä puhallin

TURBO 3000

Siirrettävä puhallin

Valikoima suurikokoisia kuljetettavia tuulettimia, jotka on erityisesti suunniteltu tarjoamaan voimakas ja tasainen ilman jakelu.
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Range of large diameter portable cooling fans specially designed to offer a powerful and uniform distribution of air. Metallic impeller dynamically balanced. TURBO-3000 is equipped with thermal protection, IP54, with a guaranteed life of 30.000 hours.


  • Ventilation of one or several rooms in residential dwellings, offices and retail outlets.
  • Ventilation applications in foundries, steel mills, glass factories...
  • Engine, compressor and transformer cooling.
  • Paint line drying applications.
  • Heat dissipation in the workplace.
  • Carrying hundle. Adjustable fan position. Proof guard (detachable).

High performance impeller. The special impeller design delivers a high volume airflow for commercial or industrial environments.

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